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"Of all the female sins, hunger is the least forgivable; hunger for anything, for food, sex, power, education, even love. If we have desires, we are expected to conceal them, to control them, to keep ourselves in check. We are supposed to be objects of desire, not desiring beings. We do not need food: in many ways, we are food, trainable meat, lambs queueing up to buy mint sauce. We consume only what we are told to, from lipstick to life insurance, and only what will make us more consumable ourselves, the better to be chewed up and swallowed by a machine that wants our work, our money, our sexuality broken down into bite-sized chunks."

'Being A Perfect Girl Can Kill You” - extract from Unspeakable Things by Laurie Penny 

"…the problem isn’t that girls don’t know their worth—it’s that they absolutely do know their value in society. Young women know exactly how ugly the culture believes them to be. So when we teach girls to simply “love themselves”, we’re implicitly telling them to accept the world as it is. We’re saying that being beautiful is something worth having when we should be telling them a culture that demands as much is toxic."

"There is no bright line separating self from culture, and the culture in which we develop and function enjoys a deep reach into our minds. It’s for this reason that we can’t understand gender differences in female and male minds— the minds that are the source of our thoughts, feelings, abilities, motivations, and behavior— without understanding how psychologically permeable is the skull that separates the mind from the sociocultural context in which it operates."

— Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender

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