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"There is no bright line separating self from culture, and the culture in which we develop and function enjoys a deep reach into our minds. It’s for this reason that we can’t understand gender differences in female and male minds— the minds that are the source of our thoughts, feelings, abilities, motivations, and behavior— without understanding how psychologically permeable is the skull that separates the mind from the sociocultural context in which it operates."

— Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender

"Of all difficulties which impede the progress of thought, and the formation of well-grounded opinions on life and social arrangements, the greatest is now the unspeakable ignorance and inattention of mankind in respect to the influences which form human character. Whatever any portion of the human species now are, or seem to be, such, it is supposed, they have a natural tendency to be: even when the most elementary knowledge of the circumstances in which they have been placed, clearly points out the causes that made them what they are."

— John Stuart Mills, The Subjection of Women (1869)

"Where is that new world in which male and female were to work side by side, not only on the job, but in the home? It’s not here yet, nor will it ever be while women are required to make a choice that is never asked of men— and not until society acknowledges that men can be as ambivalent as women about what they owe their jobs and what they owe their families. The challenge is to give women, and men, maximum help and flexibility as they try to achieve that equilibrium."

— Opinion, NYT 1989, "Why Not Many Mommy Tracks?"

"There is something telling (if not downright dysfunctional) when a society’s most talented people feel they have to sacrifice the meaningful relationships every human craves at the price of exercising their talent."

— Matt Miller, New York Times Op-Ed, "Listen to My Wife"

"I don’t have a traditionally female way of speaking. I don’t end my sentences with a question mark. I’m quite assertive. If I didn’t speak the way I do, I wouldn’t have been seen as a leader. But my way of speaking may have grated on people who were not used to hearing it from a woman. It was the right way for a leader to speak, but it wasn’t the right way for a woman to speak. It goes against type."

— Kim Campbell (Canadian Prime Minister in 1993), on the double bind of being both a woman and a leader and the resistance that creates.

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